Confirmation Email Issues
Posted by Staff Account on 28 February 2017 09:45 PM

Sometimes your internet service may not deliver your confirmation message.  This is particularly the case for

It can happen with any service, but, is almost guaranteed if you use an AOL email address.

If you don't receive the confirmation message soon after entering your preferred screen name and email address, you will probably need to add the site you're joining to your email contacts before you can receive email from the site, including the confirmation email you need to open your account.

You aren't likely to know you need to do this until the message doesn't arrive.  

Once you've added the site email --,,,,, or to your contacts --

Log onto the site with the username and password you've already created.

You'll be prompted to resend the message.

Within a few minutes of requesting the resend, you should have the confirmation email.

Of course, be sure to confirm one more time when you log onto the site to resend the confirmation that you have entered your email address accurately.  

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