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Why isn't my profile visible?
Posted by Staff Account on 02 October 2013 11:34 AM
Your profile will be visible on the communities you've opted to participate on automatically unless you've violated the sites' terms of use or opted to hide your profile.
To make sure your profile is listed on the site:
Click the Online Now link and your profile should be the first one on the list.
If it's not several factors could be the cause. You can check almost all of them by:
Viewing your profile - Click the View Profile link in the upper right corner of the screen under your username.
From your profile:
Click the Manage Visible Communities link and make sure the checkbox beside the site you want to be on (and particularly the site you are logged on) is checked. Note that if your profile doesn't have anything to do with nipples you will be removed from nippleplay. Nippleplay members don't log on to see greased gaping holes.
Click the Visibility link. If you know you're on the site make sure you haven't checked a box to hide your profile. Click the Visibility link on the My Account screen and make sure that no Hide checkboxes are filled.
If none of the above is the case review your profile and make sure that there is no reference to illegal behavior on your profile. If you use a blocked term or phrase that we have identified as a reference to drug use or other illegal behavior your provile will not be visible. Let members know your preference regarding drugs by clicking the appropriate box on your profile and discuss the details off of the site. If drugs or other illegal behaviors are such an integral part of your sexual preference find a drig site that lets you post your sexual interest. This is not the community for you.

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