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What pictures can I post to my profile
Posted by Staff Account on 04 October 2016 09:13 PM

Per the User Agreement you agreed to when you joined the site, you are required to post pictures you have the right to post and pictures that are accurate and true.


We interpret those terms and measure the profile pictures you post against the following rules.

  • You are the central figure in every picture you post
  • The pictures you post are current, not years old, edited or otherwise misleading
  • The picture you've posted is yours and not the property of another site -- if the picture bears the imprint of another site, it's not yours to post here.
  • Pictures of you engaged in the fetish you've come here to fine are best.
  • Pictures that don't give fellow members an idea of who they're looking at will be rejected.  For example, if the only picture you have/want to post is of your feet, you need to join a foot site.  Your picture isn't going to be posted here, because reviewing and rejecting it were as much time wasted as the picture deserved.


Additionally, because this is a hookup site and you along with every other member are here to connect with other men who share the same fetish, it's only fair that members looking at your profile pictures should have an idea of who they may be hooking up with.  To that end, if you post any pictures, at least one of your pictures has to be of you alone.  Again, fetish pics are best.  If you're joining NipplePlay pics of your nips are perfect, if you're joining PumpPig, your junk in a cylinder is perfect.  If you're joining 4skinPig, there's nothing better than a picture of your foreskin.  And, if you're joining AssPig, a picture of your ass is great, a picture of your fist in your ass is great, but if you're only posting one picture, it would have to be your fist in your ass.

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