Posted by Staff Account on 25 January 2015 08:39 PM

Party listings are for members looking to host a group of other members with similar interests for a social or sexual get together.   If you're hosting a party you have a place like your home or hotel room and you're providing the things that a host would normally offer guests.

Event listings are posted to the Calendar. Events are sponsored and promoted by an organization.  A website and email contact usually helpful for members.  Don't provide a website that requires members interested in your event to join before they can get information.  Events are open to anyone willing to pay to attend the event.

Looking For Now listings are for members online and looking for a hookup right now or some time today.

Forum "Looking for Hookups" are for members looking for hookups a little farther out.  Maybe you're traveling or thinking about hosting a party and need to gauge interest. 

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