Security Settings Impact Site Access
Posted by Staff Account on 02 October 2013 12:50 PM
The growing number of third party security software and users who are over zealous about settings can prevent you from accessing all of the features on the site.

We test and develop the site for use with Windows XP, Internet Explorer and Trend Micro anti virus products maintained at reasonable security levels. If you use a third party product or need your computer to be as secure as a bank vault you may have problems. Problems resulting from your setup are your responsibility to resolve.

If you have problems accessing the site, check your settings. Popup blockers will prevent the gallery windows, Instant Messenger and Chat room from working. Java script blockers will keep images from loading. Disabling cookies will prevent you from being able to log on. Some products like Norton Internet Security and Zone Alarm can cause intermittent or unpredictable access problems. Windows '98 users will have browser problems with images uploaded by Mac members. If this is you and you find a profile that makes images stop loading let us know so that we can resample the Mac images for you.

When you experience a problem and you've checked the obvious examples above, if a solution isn't found, the next step is to disable your security settings and make sure the site works correctly for you. Once that determination has been made begin re-enabling security programs until you determine which one is causing the problem. With that determination made, adjust the settings on that service or application to allow access.

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