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Why didn't I get a reminder that my upgrade was about to expire.
Posted by Staff Account on 02 October 2013 11:46 AM

We don't send reminders for credit card upgrades.  Those purchases are instant.  No reservation or delay is incurred from the time you decide to upgrade and the time your upgrade is applied.

We do try to send reminders for members who upgrade by check because you will need to send a check in for the new upgrade.  Those reminders go out between two and three weeks before the current upgrade expires.  Reminders go out to active members only.  If you haven't logged on in over a month, the reminder won't be sent to you.

Upgrades aren't required and nothing will change on your profile if your upgrade lapses.  You may find that at times you're more active on the site and an upgrade makes sense.  Other times you may not be using the site and an upgrade wouldn't help you.  You're welcome on the site, regardless of your upgrade status.  Participating here should never be a burden.

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