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I'm trying to upgrade but it keeps telling me that my username already exists.
Posted by Staff Account on 02 October 2013 11:44 AM

This message comes up on CCBill upgrade attempts. 

Sometimes it's because you already have an active upgrade and you can't purchase a new one until the old one expres.

Sometimes it's a database problem between us and CCBill.  An expired upgrade is still listed preventing an upgrade with that username.


If you think it's possible that you have an upgrade on your account, contact us and we can check for you.  If there's a problem with an upgrade on your account we can reset it for you or confirm that there isn't an upgrade currently.

If you don't have an upgrade and you're getting this message, you can either --

  • Continue with the purchase through CCBill, but edit your screen name (add a character to the end or replace the username with your email address) on the ccbill upgrade form.  Your account will be upgraded automatically when you complete the transaction.  When you upgrade, the account you're upgrading from is upgraded regardless of the username you profide.
  • Click the 2nd tab at the top of the upgrade screen and purchase your upgrade through Verotel.  There is no chance of receiving this error message there.

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